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Metal Roofing in Albuquerque NM – Installation, Repair & Replacement

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced roofing contractor in Albuquerque NM, look no further than RMC Roofing & Construction.

As leading metal roofing contractors Albuquerque, NM, we are also recognized as premier residential metal roof installers near me. We specialize in metal roofing installation, repair, and replacement for both, commercial buildings and residential applications.

Our team of commercial metal roofing contractors is well-versed in a variety of different material types of metal roofing materials, including aluminum and steel panels, as well as standing seam and metal shingle options.

Known as the Albuquerque metal roofing specialists, we emphasize the many benefits metal roofs offer homeowners over traditional asphalt shingles. This includes increased energy savings and efficiency, minimal maintenance needs, and a lifetime warranty when installed by metal roof experts like RMC Roofing & Construction.

We use only top-quality materials, and can also work on different types of roofing systems, ensuring your home or business is protected for years to come.

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After an initial conversation about your project, RMC Roofing & Construction will provide you a free estimate along with a complementary initial estimated cost and quote. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations and work to provide you with the best value for your project within your budget.

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Our roofing expert will inspect your roof and meet with you to go over what they find. They will then recommend the best course of action for your unique needs and situation.

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Types of Metal Roofs We Install

At RMC Roofing & Construction, we specialize in installing all types of metal roofs. We can install a variety of residential metal roofing systems, including aluminum roofing with seam panels and metal shingles. We also provide installation services for commercial metal roofs, such as large-scale standing seam and metal panels systems. We are certified installers of Discount Metal Roofing products, meaning you can get quality materials at an affordable price.

Aluminum Roofing

We provide premium aluminum roofing systems for residential, industrial and commercial applications in Albuquerque NM. Our lightweight aluminum roofing panels are energy efficient and offer superior protection from the elements.

Standing Seam Roofs

We install standing seam roofs for residential buildings and commercial applications. These metal roofs are made up of panels that run the length of the roof and overlap at seams, providing buildings with a clean, modern look.

Flat Seam Metal Roofing

How about flat seam metal roofing? We provide superior quality flat seam metal roofing systems for both residential and commercial applications. This type of roofing material is perfect for those customers looking for a sleek, contemporary look that stands the test of time.

Metal shingle roofs

Looking for something a little more traditional? We can also install metal shingle roofs which look just like a standard asphalt roof, but are much more durable and require minimal maintenance. We have an extensive selection of metal shingle roofs to choose from.

Corrugated Metal Roof

Corrugated metal roofs are extremely durable, lightweight and they require minimal maintenance. These roofs are also resistant and designed to withstand extreme temperatures as well as rain, snow and other elements all year round.

Copper roofs

For a more traditional look, copper roofs are also available. We can provide copper roof panel installation services at a reasonable price, and our experienced technicians are always willing to answer any questions you may have about the panel installation process.

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Top-Quality Metal Roofing Services In Albuquerque, NM And Surrounding Areas We Provide

Below are some of the metal roofing services we offer in Albuquerque NM

New Roof Installation

Whether you need a new roof for your home, office or business, we have the expertise and experience to complete the job quickly and efficiently. We can also help you select the right metal roofing materials new installation, and system for your needs.

Metal Roof Repair

If you have an already existing roof or metal roof that needs repairs, our team of experts can help. We offer comprehensive all tile and metal roof repair services, including leak detection and repairs.

Metal Roof Replacement

If your existing metal roof is beyond repair, we can also handle metal roof replacement. We will take the time to discuss your options and help you find a new metal roof that best fits your needs and budget.

Metal Roof Maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspection of your metal and other roofing materials can help it last longer and maintain its performance. We offer comprehensive metal and other roofing materials maintenance services, including cleaning and sealant application.

Various metal roofing styles and colors to choose from

RMC Roofing & Construction offers a range of metal roofing styles and colors to match your preferences. Choose from classic corrugated metal roofing to contemporary tiles and standing seam roofs. Our experienced team ensures safety standards and optimal protection. Contact us today to learn more about our best metal roofing installation services in Albuquerque, NM.

The Advantages Of Metal Roofing

No one can deny that metal roofing is a reliable and efficient option for any home or commercial building. Here are some of the most significant benefits you’ll experience with a metal roofing system. Metal roofing has multiple benefits, such as:

  • Durability:

    Matal roofing withstands extreme weather and is resistant to fire, insects, and rot, lasting over 50 years.

  • Energy Efficiency:

    Reflects sunlight and reduces heat absorption into your home, saving on energy bills.

  • Low Maintenance:

    Requires minimal upkeep and doesn't rot, warp, or crack.

  • Fire Resistance:

    Offers excellent fire resistance, crucial for areas prone to wildfires.

  • Eco-Friendly:

    Can be made from recycled materials and recycled at the end of its lifespan.

  • Increased Home Value:

    Increases resale value due to its durability and energy efficiency.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Comes in various colors and styles for an eye-catching and stylish look.

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What Is The Average Cost Of Commercial And Residential Metal Roofing?

The cost of commercial and residential metal roofing will depend on various factors, such as the type of metal roof you are installing, the size of your roof, and the complexity of the installation. In general, metal roofs tend to be more expensive than traditional asphalt shingle roofs due to the materials and labor involved. However, metal roofs are more durable, require less maintenance over time, and often come with extended warranty periods, making them a great investment in the long run.

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For quality metal roofing in Albuquerque, hire our experienced and qualified contractors. We provide top-notch solutions using the best materials and equipment. Our team ensures a durable and long-lasting installation from planning to completion.

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