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Roof Replacement Albuquerque NM

Get Top-Notch Roof Replacement Services for Commercial and Residential Properties from the Experts at RMC Roofing & Construction in Albuquerque.

Whether you’re looking to repair a damaged roof or completely replace an old one, RMC Roofing & Construction in Albuquerque can help.  We specialize in all types of roof replacement, from flat roofs to metal roofs and more. 

We understand that your roof is an essential part of your property’s structure and that by having a reliable roof replacement contractor, you’ll be able to get the job done right. There comes the point when it simply isn’t practical to make roof repairs, and you’re better off replacing the roof. 

A full roof replacement can be a costly undertaking but is often necessary for preventing future problems such as water damage.  Fortunately, RMC Roofing & Construction can provide you with the best roof replacement services in Albuquerque. 

We use top-notch roofing materials and have a great team of roofing contractors who will ensure that your roof replacement is done properly.

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Complementary Initial Estimates & Quote

After an initial conversation about your project, RMC Roofing & Construction will provide you with a complementary initial estimated cost and quote. We take the time to understand your needs and expectations and work to provide you with the best value for your budget.

Expert Recommendation

Our roofing expert will inspect your roof and meet with you to go over what they find. They will then recommend the best course of action for your unique needs and situation.

Schedule & Install

If you agree with our assessment and estimate, we will work with your schedule to start and complete the work. Upon completion, we will meet with you to go over the work performed and ensure your satisfaction on a job well done.

What Are The Roof Replacement Signs?

The signs that indicate it may be time for a roof replacement include:

  • Age

    The age of the roof is one of the biggest indicators. Most roofs last between 15 and 25 years, depending on the type of material used.

  • Damaged Shingles

    Shingles that are cracked, missing, or curling are a sign that the roof is no longer protecting your home properly.

  • Granule Loss

    If you notice a lot of granules in your gutters or on the ground, it's a sign that the shingles are nearing the end of their useful life.

  • Leaks

    Water leaks or stains on your ceilings or walls are signs that your roof is no longer protecting your home from moisture.

  • Sagging Roof

    A visibly sagging roof indicates that the structure is weakening and it's time to replace it.

  • Energy Bills

    A significant increase in your heating or cooling bills could be a sign that your roof is no longer providing adequate insulation.

  • Algae or Moss Growth

    Excessive algae or moss growth can be an indication of moisture damage and should be addressed to prevent further damage.

Replacement in Albuquerque If you think that it’s time for a roof replacement for your commercial or residential property in Albuquerque. Inspections are also available to determine the extent of damage and whether it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace your roof.

Types Of Roof Replacement We Offer

At RMC Roofing & Construction, we specialize in a variety of roof replacements, including:

Flat Roof Replacement

A flat roof is a popular choice for many commercial properties, and requires frequent maintenance. If your flat roof has reached its life expectancy of 20 years or more, we can help you replace it with a more efficient and reliable system.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roofs are usually larger than residential roofs and require specialized materials and workmanship. We use the best materials to ensure a sturdy roof replacement that will last for years.

Residential Roof Replacement

We can help you select the best material for your residential roof replacement, whether it’s metal, tile, asphalt shingles, or another material. We will also inspect the roof and advise you on any necessary repairs before replacing it.

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are popular for their durability and energy-efficiency. We offer both standing seam metal roofing and corrugated metal roofing for your replacement project.

Clay, Acrylic & Concrete Tile Roof Replacement

Clay, concrete, and acrylic tiles are attractive options for residential roof replacements. Our experienced team can help you select the best material for your needs and ensure a high-quality installation. And More!!

Roof Replacement For Hail-damaged Property

Hail can damage many types of roofs, from asphalt shingles to metal roofing. We can inspect your roof and determine the extent of the damage or if it needs to be replaced entirely. Our team is experienced in working with insurance companies and can help you make the repairs or replacements quickly and efficiently. If your property needs a roof replacement due to hail damage, contact RMC Roofing & Construction today.

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Trust RMC Roofing & Construction for Your Albuquerque Roof Replacement At RMC Roofing & Construction, we have been providing high-quality roof replacement services to homeowners and businesses in Albuquerque for years. Call us today to schedule an inspection and get a free estimate on your roof replacement. We look forward to helping you protect your property with a high-quality roof replacement.


What Is The Average Cost To Tear Off And Replace Roof?

The average cost to tear off and replace a roof depends on the material you choose, the size of your roof, and any necessary repairs. Without these factors, it’s difficult to estimate the cost of a roof replacement.

How Often To Replace Roof?

The average roof should be replaced every 20 years, although this can vary depending on the material and any damage that may have occurred. Do an inspection of your roof annually to determine if any repairs or replacements are needed. We strive to provide quality customer service and do our best to make sure you have a reliable roof that will last for years.

How Long Does A Roof Replacement Take?

The time it takes to complete a roof replacement project varies depending on the size and complexity of your roof. Generally, most projects we completed in 3-5 days.

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